How To Choose A Hairstyle?

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You may wish to get a hairstyle that your friend is having. But, you must select a hairstyle that is perfect for your face, style and looks. Any hairstyle may not look too good on your face. You can take help of a professional hair stylist to know about the perfect style for your hair. Contact with the bridal hair and makeup services of your nearest salon and take her consultation.

A hairstyle must be suitable as per your face shape – Each hairstyle will not look good on your face type. Consult with a balayage hair specialist about the best balayage technique for your face type.

Know what is your face type and then you must style your hair. Long hair looks good on a square face. To figure out your face type, just comb your hair totally and move your hair away from the face. Stand in front of the mirror and see how you are looking in a tied hair and in an open hair.

Hairstyles for round faces – Round faced people have a round chin and smooth curved lines. The person’s chin and forehead are a bit wide and even have somewhat wide cheekbones. Bob cut will look on a round face. You should try fringed bangs, layered hairs, long bobs, layered bobs, edgy layered bobs that reaches your shoulders. Curling hair is perfect on a round faced person. You can curl your hair by using a curling iron. Keep in mind that classic bob does not look good on a round face.

Hairstyles for a square face – A person with a square face have an angular jaw, broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Sleek and long cuts along with graduated layers will start at your jawline; asymmetrical layers, textured layers and so on are good for your looks. You can do a bun to look good. Do some experiment with your curls. One-length bob will not look much beautiful on your square face.

Hairstyles for an oval face – Oval faces are more elongated than the round faces. The width of the forehead and chin are similar in an oval face. It is a fact that an oval faced person can cut their hair in any way. If you have gorgeous eyes, then you can try side-swept bangs. You can do angular bob that is perfect for your chin. Go for Updo styles, such as the French twist.

 Haircut for a heart-shaped face – In a heart-shaped face, forehead is wide and the chin is narrow shaped. You can do brow-skimming bangs, a short cut or side swept bangs. You must not do choppy layers as it does not look good on your heart-shaped face.