How To Make Your Guest Room ‘Patient Friendly’

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In general, we know that no one builds their guest room with the intension to suddenly turn it into a sick room one day. And if by chance you suddenly have to take care of a sick or injured friend or relative, you’re left wondering if your guest room is actually suitable for this situation. If you’re facing this situation, and are looking for suggestions for shower grab rails that will help to make your guest room more “patient friendly”; then look no further. Here are our experts’ tips and suggestions for you.

Some sicknesses and injuries can be harder to deal with, without the proper control over the temperature and lighting. Instead of having you patient walk across the room to adjust the temperature or lighting, or have to call out to you to do the same, opt to install a control board near their bed. You can also use phone apps and remotes for this purpose now-a-days.

If your patient is bedridden most of the day, then when he has to get off it, he might need a little support. Opt for installing support rails by the bed for this. Safety grab rails bathroom installations are also similarly useful and very thoughtful.

Apart from providing your patient with support, these rails can also be useful when it comes to their privacy. Apart from having them installed in the showers (so they can shower at their convenience, rather than depend on you), it’s also a good idea to install disabled toilet grab rails.

slip free mats, both for the toilets and the rooms, can be useful for both toddlers and patients alike. If they’re under medication, it’s possible that they might be feeling weak or even occasionally light-headed. These mats can prevent them from slipping at moments as such.

If your guest room floors are tiled, then depending on where you live, it’s possible that the floor might get a little cold during some seasons. And this could be a problem for an older guest/patient. Carpet your floors; this can even eradicate the need to make your bedroom floors slip free.

We strongly believe that having one entertainment unit for the family usually helps to make the family’s relationships stronger. Sure, fights are inevitable among children; but they will learn to share and compromise. Unfortunately, this can be a little inconvenient for your guest; especially if they are having trouble falling asleep and want to watch a little TV until they do so. Consider getting a separate TV or entertainment unit for their convenience.

Note that none of these tips or suggestions are a must to do, in order to make your guest room patient friendly with disabled toilet grab rails.