Learning About Defibrillators

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The main sign of life is the life of the heart. As long as the heart keeps beating we are considered alive. The moment it stops working the sign of life is gone. Whenever any patient or a normal person is facing a cardiac problem the system is brought back to normal with the help of artificial processes and machines. The doctors try to recover the patient from major losses till the time they lose all the hope. One such device that is frequently used for bringing the heart to normal functioning is called the defibrillators. They can be seen in almost every ambulance, clinic and the hospitals. T is difficult to imagine having a medical institution without this device. It not just retrieves and restores the missing pulses but also helps in keeping them to the normal. If the patient has either too high or too low heartbeat there is nothing to worry. They are immediately shifted on the defibrillators that can easily bring them back to the normal working.

When we talk of the defibrillator different types come into mind.  The use and functioning are according to the intensity of the problem. The most commonly used kind is known as the automated external defibrillator. They are now being made available in all kinds of public places and the emergency centers where the accidents are often reported. Some railway companies and air crafts also keep the devices to help the passengers when needed. There is no need to be a   cardiac expert for this AED.  It is very easy to operate and can be operated by the beginners or the layman too after following the set of instructions provided along with the AED.

Implantable cardioverters or the ICD and the Wearable cardiovascular defibrillators are more professional and sophisticated in nature. They are part and parcel of the cardiac centers and big hospitals. They are an integral part of the medical equipment used in these huge setups. They are used to bring back the departing pulses to let the body on the bed live for some more time.

The medical practitioners classify the defibrillators into three broad categories. These are referred to as the automated external defibrillators, implantable cardioverters, and the Wearable defibrillators. They are commonly known as   AED, ICD, and WCD. As the heartbeat starts getting disturbed any of these can be used to get it back to the normal.

The most practical and the easy to handle among these is the AED. They are operated with the help of the batteries. Due to their compact size, they are easy to move around. The families that have any cardiac patient in their homes can carry these in the cars and their personal vehicles. It can give emergency assistance before reaching out for the doctor and save the precious life from being lost. These defibrillators work with the help of the electrodes that are attached to the body with the assistance of the sticky pads. The heart beats are noted down by the electrodes and this gives the picture of the health.

ICD s are used in the operations theatres while the most sophisticated of all are the WCDs that work with the help of the sensors that monitor the heart rate and then help it get back to normal in case of an emergency.