Rooms That Age The Fastest

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Despite the belief, living things are not the only things that age with time. Non-living things age too, even if they don’t actually age like we do. And just like living things, they need an upgrade from time to time to match their contemporaries.When we build and equip a house, we automatically buy the things that are contemporaneous unless we are actively trying to recapture a past time period. In 10 years (or even 5 or 6) the things we bought would have faded, broken down or simply become outdated thanks to the new versions of everything that come out every few months. So here is a look at which rooms age the most and what we can do about it.

Cooking SpaceWhether you have a separate room for this (which is old fashioned in itself) or whether you have merged it into the pantry and dining space, you can bet your life that you need kitchen renovations after about 5 years. In fact, if it is past that, you will need to completely remodel. This is because newer material and equipment come out every day. Laminate might have been the height of convenience and fashion in the 90’s, but counter tops are invariably made of granite or quartz nowadays for longevity and durability. There are many other things as well (like the cooker, the stove and the dishwasher) that are now placed in different positions, have more features etc.

Living SpaceIf you have a living room you can be sure that you need a remodelling or revamping just as much as getting modern kitchens. Thanks to the ornaments and furniture, this room reflects the period in which it first came into existence more than a bathroom or bedroom every will (beds will always be beds; so will the toilet). Your 3 piece couch set would be out of date by now; instead, get a corner lounger and recliners. Heavy duty mahogany coffee tables are out; get a glass topped coffee table instead. Living spaces themselves are usually redesigned not to include things like bean bags instead of stiff rigid seating, so you will have to adjust accordingly every few years.

Kids’ RoomsOur bedrooms may not age because beds remain beds regardless of time, but kids’ rooms age rapidly because of the details that go into their furniture. The most obvious will be the sizes of everything. Every 5-6 years your children go through a cultural and physical growth spurt and need to throw out their childish table and chair, their shared bunk bed and their superhero bed and blanket. Then come the movie star posters, the night sky ceiling and the works. Be ready to spend some money on children and their rooms in order to keep them relevant. For more information, please click