The Different Types Of Disabilities

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There are many types of disabilities out there. Some are more severe than others. The mobility as well as the dexterity of the individual can be greatly affected if the symptoms are severe. You might be wondering how many are there so here are some main one’s for you to ponder or reflect on:


Most people might have physical issues which can affect their overall mobility. They might require some sort of an equipment for help or aid. This might be due to the fact that they have lost a limb or that their body is slightly out of shape. Think about ways as to how you can adapt or allow your body to function better in society. If you require disability support Sydney do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes Paraplegia as well as Quadriplegia can be difficult to move about in as it is caused by damage to the neck and spinal cord.


These people also have some form of learning problems which can affect their learning skills. Sometimes a difficulty in learning can cause issues in reading as well as writing. Most of them have some sort of attention deficit issues which is common in most individuals who have the disorder. Some of them are intelligent so with the right training they can go to school or work too.


These issues can develop at a young age and it can spread or increase with age. Most of these disabilities are not understood by the public. Most people think that they can be dangerous or violent. Some people have attitudes which might be based on prejudice. These illnesses can be bipolar or even schizophrenia which can cause severe impairments. They are not dangerous if treated well. Depression is more common than others where the person feels hopeless or even at times suicidal. This can also call for some level of disability support especially if the person can’t function on their own.


There can be issues with sight which can be caused do to other factors like accidents or even illnesses. There is a large difference between those who are impaired as well as those who are blind. Blind people can’t see at all but those who have small impairments can see a small part of their surroundings. This can be due to genetic abnormalities in their cornea or rods.

Remember you must ask your friends and family members for support if you do suffer from some sort of disease or illness. Keep in mind that some illnesses can be serious so you must make sure that you talk to a doctor and a therapist for advice on the matter.