To Work Or Not To Work

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At the point where you have just finished your studies and you are trying to decide whether you should get a job or pursue something that interests you instead for a year before you get in to the rat race, you have to keep in mind that it is fully possible for you to pursue an interest or a passion and still make money off it too.

The perfect application

If you choose to pursue a job, you should still consider getting a job that you love and choose to do something that truly interests you so that it does not feel like a job but instead, feels like you are earning money for partaking in your hobby. If you have just finished school, you have time on your hands to choose careers and decide what you would like to do with your life. If you have found a job that you think will be ideal for you, you should send in the perfect application that stands out in a crowd and explains exactly why the job would be ideal for you and you would be ideal for the job in your CV.

Many professional resume writers propose that you write out your resume in the form of a short note or letter instead of the usual point form that everyone does. No one really cares about your age, your gender which will usually be quite obvious from your name, your race, your nationality and your height on a job application and therefore, it is important that you try to steer away from these traditional resumes because they might lose the job for you.

Earning money while you play

In this age of the internet, it is completely possible for you to earn money doing almost anything. If you want to spend a year on vacation travelling and doing what you love, you could record or video blog your journeys and earn money off Youtube from the views you get. You could even do video blogs on how to live vegan in certain areas or recipe videos if you love to cook. You can also find an online writing job that you can do while you are on vacation or while you are at home so that you can earn money without having to work at an official full time job. If you are someone that loves to craft or make things, you could even do this and sell your work online to help you earn money which might even get you more money than a full time job.