Which Forklift Is Best For You

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Forklifts are named as forklifts because these trucks use a fork type structure to lift up the heavy loads. Although, the function of every forklift is same that is to lift up the loads in warehouses and industries or in some construction area but even then, there are many types of forklift. Each forklift provides the basic function of lifting, loading and unloading of weights with some extra properties. Visit this link http://www.flexilift.com.au/ for more info on forklifts Australia.

At construction site or some warehouse which is used for storing the materials, the counterbalance forklifts are very much efficient and do the job very efficiently. Like many other forklifts these use the forks to move up the weight and are used on indoor places with surface that are stable and even.

For the warehouse where space is small and the area between the racking is very narrow then there three wheel counterbalance forklifts that are used. These tucks are designed to move through the narrow spaces and help in lifting at such places.

For warehouses with large space and high racking systems there are reach truck forklifts. These are also named after their function that is for reaching high places and pallets. Stand up and double deep trucks are its subtypes. The function of stand up and double deep is quite similar but these only vary in the number of pallets that these can hold. The double deep is used to load multiple bays because it provides you with the flexibility of reaching and  access the bay from behind.

The typical forklift uses forks in their fronts but in the side loader forklifts the forks are mounted on the both sides. Due to this property these are also used in narrow places. Because for a typical forklift it will not be possible to move and access the load from it. There are further two types of these. One is called the cab that is designed for the outdoor and the other type is especially designed for the indoor work.

One type of forklift is many times mixed with the cranes because just like cranes these forklifts reach a very significant height that would not have been possible for a typical forklift to achieve. These are knowns as telescopic handlers forklift trucks. The areas in which these trucks are used is agriculture and industries. These are known as telescopic handler because these feature a function of telescope which makes them even much more strong and powerful than these already are.